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Hello I have a couple of questions about replacing a motherboard. I have the MSI 970A-G46. I received it and it had some problems with it so I am getting a replacement for it of the same exact motherboard.

1. How exactly are you suppose to remove the graphics card and cpu/cpu cooler?

2. Will I need to do anything on windows before I uninstall the one I have in already? Like uninstall the drivers or anything?

3. Will I need to re install the drivers when I put the new one in?

4. Any other helpful tips to replacing the motherboard? I am a noob at a lot of PC building since this is my first PC build and I don't want to screw anything up.
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  1. Your graphics card can easily be removed the lactches that hold it in place, unscrew that lift up your gpu, what ever you did to install your cpu and cooler do the exact oposite, unscrew your cpu cooler and then lift up the things holding youre cpu in place then remove your cpu, wipe off thermal compound with cotton q tip then buy new thermal compound and wipe on and place your cpu,cpu cooler, gpu on your new board
  2. no you have to install drivers and configurations again
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    #1 theres a plastic like thing on the bottom to release the graphics card, make sure you take out the screw.
    #2 you dont have to uninstall any driver because you're getting a whole new same board.
    #3 if the hard drive boots up no problem with the new board go to the windows right click computer properties device manager, and check if anything is missing if not you're set.
    #4 always be calm, there isnt anything major you're doing, just unplugging and plugging, just ALWAYS be careful of what you are doing and you will be fine, just be sure that everything is unplugged and plugged correctly and you will be fine, if anything you feel uncomfortable, look it up on youtube how people build computers.

    if you really think about it, it's not really hard to do.

    always choose a best answer! people really appreciate it! :D
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