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What to use to store essential data for home users on NASs. Single Drive vs JBOD vs Raid 10 vs Raid 6 vs Riad 5

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August 7, 2013 1:38:26 PM

Hi All,

Am thinking of a backup strategy for Home Users.

6 max user - 90% of time is only Two Users

Equipment Available
Synology 410j NAS
Synology 1813+ NAS
Single Disk external encosure

Choices of HD:
Seagate Barracudda 7200 2TB
Seagate Barracudda 5400 2TB
WD Red 2TB
WD black 2TB
Any other suggestions? Maybe enterprise Spec 2TB?

Backup Strategy:

Use 1813+ as network Drive using (raid 5, 6 or 10)
Use 410j as backup of 1813+ essential data
Use external enclosure to backup regularly and keep off site

My questions:

What HD do I use for what machine?
What raid or JBOD or Nothing at all?


Best solution

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August 7, 2013 1:41:15 PM

Use WD Red for sure. They are designed for NAS usage. Personally I just use RAID 1. The performance is fine and I can run two RAID 1 arrays in a 4 Bay NAS.
March 2, 2014 4:34:02 PM

The biggest down side to RAID (vs JBOD) is expense. In my experience raid will cost you double or tipple what JBOD does in time and materials per GB. Raid card gets damaged you need an identical one to replace it, motherboard taking care of your raid, now you have to install a new motherboard. Was information on the array damaged (garbage in) due to the raid adapter failure (I've seen it a handful of times), better hope you have a backup of all the data cause it's all gone regardless of what level you're running, if you don't have a backup of the information you can spend $2600+ to have a data recovery center pull the files off the full array with specialized equipment over the course of a week (or three depending where you are and where the lab is and how backed up they are). Do you want to add more space to your array, JBOD is easy, put it in and you have the space of that drive added to your total capacity regardless of size, if you try that with RAID and you want your monies worth you must have an identical HDD (or two in some cases).
JBOD isn't the beez kneez but if cost is what is most important, RAID can screw you bad if you're unlucky (unluck increases over time, give it enough time and we'll all be unlucky).
The benefits of RAID are speed in most cases and data redundancy in lucky cases. Take it from a guy with repair experience JBOD with a backup of the disk array is more reliable for the $ than any RAID array (and in a select few cases is even better performance, (almost always so for small random reads and writes even over RAID 0). JBOD also happens to be better with individual disk longevity that only increases with the number of drives present in the array.

If I were in your position I'd get a NAS like the the synology with JBOD or individual disks per user you mentioned but only use it as backup while keeping the primary files on the individual machines that way you're not at risk of loosing your files in anything less than a fire. Make sure you buy WD BLACK HDD, in my experience they are about 50% less likely to go bad compared to the competition or other WD drives. The reason I suggest NAS over USB external HDD is because external HDD's spin all the time even when not in use and that wears them down and can even over heat if they're in a bad location or if it is a cheep external enclosure. Also external HDD's have to be plugged in to do the backup and that requires effort - most of us are to lazy to make the effort to do regular backups while NAS systems are great with automated backup software. Also there are many NAS systems available with 2-4 or even 8-12 drive bays with many configurations available such as a JBOD for your backup and another JBOD for network storage (for dnla streaming or shared storage etc..).
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March 3, 2014 9:48:33 AM

Man Awesome Reply. I have actually gone crazy since I last posted on Tom's. I am still trying to develop a system so I have a very slim chance of loosing data.

I have seen different ways to keep backup and the 321 strat
3 different places
2 different medias
1 should be off site

So I am currently using

NAS 1: 1813+ (8 X 3T Seagate Green) connecting with the DX 513X expansion *5 X 3t Seagate green)
Config : Vol 1 18133 3T X 8 using SHR with two disk tolerance
Purpose: ALL Backup for everything, run monthly
NAS : 513
Config : Have 5 volumes using SHR Each drive is it volume
Purpose : not used yet, but maybe using each of them to backup the different desktops and laptops I have at

NAS 2 : DS 1513+ (5 X 3t Seagate Red)
Config: One volume using raid 5
Purpose: This the work horse running live data

NAS 3: DS 410j -
Config: One volume using raid 5
Purpose: Backup the entire DS 1513+ (Run Weekly)

External Drive 2T -
Purpose to backup the essential of the essentials like photos and bank docs (run twice a month)

What else do I have:
A few 1T to 2T portables
Tons of DVD and some blueray blanks.

So I guess my question is with all that equipment, how can I improve on my backup plan? Any comments would be appreciated. Even comments like, you have too much and its an over kill and waste. I will then use them for my office or retail shops. Just want some comments from gurus and knowledgeable ppl like you, thanks.

Finally - What do I use all these computers for?
Gaming, Music and video library, edit photos (I love photograophy) probably have 10 gigs of new material every month.

That all thanks in advance for your help!!!!!
March 4, 2014 8:38:40 AM

I think you are fairly well setup for the zombie apocalypse. What backup software are you using?
April 5, 2014 12:37:02 PM

Francis Smith said:
I think you are fairly well setup for the zombie apocalypse. What backup software are you using?

The backup software on sinology. Can you recommend a software for me to use?
I would like to do the following:
1. Backup my 1T SSD daily when I am sleeping
2. Have a manual backup option for my various computers and laptop with "time shift" capability. Meaning having a time line on my backup so I can go back in time to retrieve any deleted files.
3. Would like to have daily backup of all my ipad, iphone devices.

Maybe I need a few different software for it so it doesn't have to all come in one package thanks.