Linking certain programs to different audio devices

Hi there guys just wondering if you can help me.

Basically my problem is I want to be able to choose certain applications onto a certain audio device.

For example, id want my headset (soundblaster wraith tatic3d) to be playing my game sounds & Skype/vent.
Then would want my surround sound (Via hdmi) to be playing music in the background.

Is this possible? It's mainly for league of legends, skype and iTunes.

Computer spec:

3770k i7, 7970 Asus DirectCU II, Asrock extreme 4 z77.

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    In theory, yes. It comes down to if the software will let you change the audio output device. Like Winamp does, so you can choose a different soundcard than the "default" one and have it play from there. Not sure if iTunes does, not a iTunes kind of guy. lol.
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