Computer Crashed / Now CPU and RAM usage at a constant high

Last night I had well a lot running Lastfm, XSplit, at least 50 tabs of Google Chrome, Skype, TeamSpeak, Was livestreaming, etc. Went to go open Photoshop and my Computer crashed so I rebooted and was having some driver issues. And since Crossfire always gave me driver issues with programs such as C4D which I use for work, I finally disabled it and plugged one of my monitors into my other GPU.

But I got a CPU warning, and the offer to change color scenes to something less CPU heavy. - Not sure why, but my RAM refused to move from 55% and CPU kept jumping from around 55% - ~33% even though everything was running idle. It's not at ~5% though.
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    run task manager and see what is uses the most ram.
  2. computer_nugget2 said:
    run task manager and see what is uses the most ram.

    My bad, site's not emailing me replies. I've fixed it since then, everything was running hot. Just needed to clean out my PC.
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