Hyper 212 EVO w/ Sickleflow Fans?

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    in my experience not so much. I have not used a nice high quality fan but adding the second fan for a push pull only really allowed to keep the fans at a lower lvl and make it more quiet. it did help a little as i pushed over the 1.5v on my 2500k @5GHz but that is really just the thermal dissipation limit of this cooler.

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  2. I'd go with different fans than the sickle. In short your EVO will run your CPU cooler with the upgraded fans. Both of the options below are VERY quiet and I would definitely run the push/pull if it can fit.


    Both are amazing fans, tons of quality and will do a much better job than the sickles
  3. Oh also the scythe gentle typhoons are amazing as well. Between those 3 that I showed you though, I love the cougars.
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