Graphics Card is not registering with motherboard.

So let me tell you guys whats going on here.

I have a Compaq Presario SR5002HM, I know it's not a glorious machine but it gets the job done(Usually). Anyway I have been adding onto the machine for a couple years now to make it run faster. I boosted the ram from 512 to 2 Gigs, upgraded the PSU from the 250 watt, to a 440 Watt, and threw in a couple extra HDD's. I also installed an Nvidia Geforce 8500GT that my buddy gave me cause it was better then the integrated graphics by a long shot, plus i've upgraded from windows Vista to XP Proffessional SP3. Now heres where things start to get weird. When i first installed the graphics card it ran perfectly and I had no problems with it. Then just recently my buddy gave me another new card. So I unplugged the PC, grounded myself, and removed the card. Then i put the new one in, plugged everything back in, and the pc wouldn't display from the graphics. Not at boot, post, or windows. So I ofc tried putting the old card back in and it still wouldnt display from the graphics card. The Bios settings are all proper. I've tryed resetting the jumper pins, removing the CMOS battery, and it still wont display from the graphics card. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the card, which seems points as it wont display from the card even during post, but i tried it anyway. So even though it wont display from the graphics card, it will display through the integrated VGA port. Another odd thing about all of this. Whilst i have the graphics card installed and run from the integrated. When starting up the computer it almost appears as though the pc doesnt get enough power to start. I press the power button and the pc will take 1-2 seconds for the light on the front to turn on. Additionally the fan that blows the excess heat out of the pc starts up and stops for 1-2 seconds then comes back on. When shutting off the pc. It will sometimes hang at the "Windows is shutting down" Screen and freeze there and wont shut off. other times it will appear to shutoff completely, the light on the front is off and the monitor is off but the PC is will still be idling. And occasionally it will shutoff properly. I've read somewhere that these problems can stem from a bad CMOS battery so i tryed changing it out with a different one, and had no better luck. I know the card works because i tried it in my friends computer, both the cards in question work perfectly fine in his pc. I have also cleaned it and it is dust free, ive even checked for bad capacitors on the MOBO and GFX card, nothing out of the ordinary. I've also tried removing all the extra components such as HDD's and cd drive, and unplugging the mouse,keyboard, and external HDD from it and still no joy.

Any ideas would be great. Just want me card to function again. Let me know if you need any other information about the machine.
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  1. "Then just recently my buddy gave me another new card." What is the new card?
  2. its an ATI HD-465X-ZDFR, i checked the power rating wanted a minimum of 400 watts, so my PSU can handle it np. I got a 450 watt i can install but didn't think it nessasary as its only 10 more watts then the one i have in atm.
  3. The Celeron D 360 is a 65W need to add the 400W requirement to that plus some headroom to keep the PSU from working too hard. I would recommend at least a 500W PSU for this rig.
  4. yea i agree on that in terms of putting my new card in, but atm i just need the old card to work(the nvidia 8500gt), which should work np with the 440W PSU
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    The new card may have damaged your PSU...I would suggest trying the other one and seeing if you can get it working with the old card.
  6. Ok just tryed switching out PSU's and running the old nvidia. still got nothing at all. = [
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