Laptop motherboard replacement possible?

I'm literally in them most screwed-up situation any laptop owner can be in..

I appologize if this is in the wrong forum, but no one is helping on the motherboard forum...

While trying to update my BIOS, my laptop shut down, causing it to go corrupt, and somehow causing the BIOS chip to burn.

After days of locally searching for a chip that matches my laptop, and even trying some other ones of previous models, none worked, and i can't find any chip for my laptop, i even tried searching online, and failed.

Model: ASUS K52N BGR5 // not under warranty, and i live very far from where i baught that.

i tried other chips i found from the K series , yet all failed, so now i am forced to replace my motherboard, which has an integrated GPU, at an amazing price of 180 dollars...

So here i have 2 questions...

1. Is there anyway i can come up with a soloution to get by replacing the mobo, or find out how and where to get such infamous BIOS chip?

2. Since i'll be forced to replace my mobo, can i aim to get another better mobo with better specs, that can possibly fit into my laptop? is there anyway i can upgrade it without having to re-purchase the stock model?

Thanks :)
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    you can replace the mother board with better specs if they fit. BUT you have to be careful, some companies started making the lcd 's only compatible with certain motherboards. so if you replace the board the lcd might not display because its in compatible. i know ACER likes to do this. i dont know if ASUS does too.

    see if you can find a replacement board on ebay or something.
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