Enermax Ostrog Case VS NZXT Phantom 410 Mid tower?

First of all, to all muslims like me, Eid mubarak!

(I've been talking to this awesome guy helping me out so we liked the ostrog. But the looks are ...meh. Patrick, how does it compare to this?)

Ok, So... They are both MID TOWER....Whats better? I will be using a GTX 660 FYI.
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  1. I'd go with the NZXT Phantom. Cooling seems to be better and it also has cooling options as well with fan control just incase you want to run more silent or need the extra cooling.
  2. it comes down to your personal opinion about which is better. the nzxt case has more options to it, but the other looks better. Take your pick. Try this: take a coin and assign each case its own side, then flip it nice and high. IT HAS TO BE HIGH THOUGH. Now while its in the air, whichever side you are hoping to land upwards is the case you want more.
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    Looks are an opinion, the Enermax has better airflow and can support more fans and they both have quite a few great features, I would get the Enermax
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