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GTX 770 Fans Running Full Speed At All Times

My girlfriend received a brand new Revolt system from a little over a month ago. Until about two weeks ago, the fan ran perfectly. To this day, it has not reached 50 degrees Celsius in-game, and hardly reaches 30 when browsing the internet, editing photos, etc. One day, while she was playing a game, the fan sped up as usual. When she turned off the game, the fans continued to run at full speed and have remained so ever since.

We have tried:

-Changing the target temperature/fan speed with OC GURU II

-Setting the (global) power management mode to adaptive in the NVIDIA Control Panel

-Changing the 120mm CPU fan (this is how we are sure it is the GPU fans) no avail.

A fix to this problem would save her 50, maybe 150 bucks. I am willing to take the computer apart if need be.

I am not sure if it is just a faulty temperature sensor because the fan speeds are very low and almost silent when I am in the BIOS.
She has already arranged to ship the system back to iBuyPower, I am attempting to exhaust all possible software issues before doing so due to the nature of the warranty:

"6. You will be responsible for shipping charges to iBUYPOWER. In the event that no hardware problems can be found with your computer, you will be responsible for return shipping costs as well as a $100 labor fee. You must pay this fee before we can ship your computer back to you. Refer to the Product Return Agreement at the end of this manual. "

TL;DR GPU fans run at full speed and I haven't been able to fix with NVIDIA or GIGABYTE software. How can I fix?

Here is the card:
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    I'm not familiar with OC GURU, but you should be able to change the fan settings through it. Have a poke through the menu's and see if you can set a fan curve, or just outright manually change the fan speed.
  2. As I mentioned, we have tried setting the fan speed (the speed/temp curve) manually. It had no effect.
  3. Don't know if you have fixed this already, Your video card is a GIGABYTE and them cards, I will recommend using another video card's program, One where you can set 2 fan speed's and take it off auto,

    Download the (ExperTool v9.0(For nVidia GPU and Driver 259.10 or newer) and now you can change the clock speeds and fan speed's (recommend you taking the fan speed's off auto and only have it on manual)
    You can set the fan speed's to about 60-70 % for when you play a game temp's should not get over 50 degrees unless you have a really hot day and then go to 80% fan speed,

    A lot of people who like their GIGABYTE cards always have issues with them and yet are so stuck into GIGABYTE that they don't see the issue's with the card until they have wasted their money on them,

    I use to use a GIGABYTE card and then I got a GainWard card and never looked back
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