After i changed my first gen. i3 to faster i5 450m my pc is slowier than it was with old proc. How is that?

i just upgraded it form i3 to i5 mentioned in a dialog. i have Dell N7010 17R specs: Intel i5 450m , 4 gb ram and ati mobility radeon hd 4570m and from this CPU is looks good. The max i get it is 3.07 Ghz, and everything looks fine, but...i have this feeling that everything is sam,e exept that turbp boos, but that Windows experience test on my WIN 7 Ult. 64 bit. after i changed to i5 has falen in processor calculatin for one number and now is 5.7 but with i3 was 5.8, and base score is same: 5.0.
But my quistion i need to change something in bios, reinstal Windows to the new ones or just fix some parameters. I want maximum possibiltys from my i5.
Thank u in front
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  1. Did you just say you upgraded your Laptop CPU??
    Can you post a CPU-Z pic please.
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