Need Some help choosing a monitor!

I've been looking at three monitors for a little bit now, and I'm a bit stuck.

One is the ASUS VH238H

And the other is the ASUS VS239H-P

And the Asus VS238H-P

The VH238H I believe is a 60hz TN monitor while the VS239H-P is a 60hz IPS monitor (Correct me if I am wrong). The VS238H-P is a newer model to the VH238H apparently, and has a studier stand, but i will be mounting this to a wall.

I'm leaning towards the VS239H-P since it is an IPS, but I'm also leaning towards the VH238H's or VS238H-P 2MS response time. Which one should I get? I think the IPS would be better since i will be wall mounting.

No need to factor in the price, its just a 6 dollar difference

I'm powering them off a MSI PE GTX 760, and plan to use them for gaming. I will be gaming and i will be watching youtube and netflix a lot also, but i will be doing some gaming.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. IPS all deh way.
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