Urgent! Corsair Builder series CX 600 watts atx/eps, supports 8 pins cpu? Right? Thanks

Hi everybody!

I have my new pc without psu, thats just....

Just wanna make sure this one works with a 8 pin connector cpu on the motherboard, I read that it does, but I feel confortable and trust on you all to verify this.

CPU: Fx-8320.
Ram: Corsair vengaense 8 gb 1600 herz.
CPU Cooler: Cooler master 212 plus with 2 fans.
HDD: 1 Tb WD Blue, 1 Tb WD Black.
PSU: ?
Extra: Fan controller, and 5 led fans.
OC: Minor overclocking.

My friend is also going to buy the same psu, it has a fx 6350 and MSI 970A-G45

Thanks in advance!
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  1. 4x4=8 pin YES
  2. Best answer
    Yes it comes with a 4+4 pin connect that would plug as 8pin
    The connector looks like this " class="img lazy">
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