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I would love if someone could help me find some parts for my build. If you could please give me suggestions for the parts i have left it would be very helpful. I would be using this comp for gaming, but also video/audio editing, general youtoobing and surfing of the net. Also i hope to over clock it somewhat (if my parts will allow me).

I just purchased an i7-4770k combo with an Asus z87-plus (i know not my first.. or fifth choice of mobo but for 100 off i'll survive) Got about a week till it arrives, but without any other parts the build has to wait.

Im reallllllly thinking picking up a Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 case for it. Sexy.

I would like to try an all in one water cooling unit. I know custom loops are better, but its only for the cpu so that should be good enough. Is the H110 still the best unit i can fit into this bad boy? it also can fit a 360mm radiator at the front but since i dont really know the differences of having it on top vs front i'll prolly keep it up top with stock fans set to suck the air out. Sound good?

As for ram, i was thinking black or yellow, no red or blue. since the colors would clash with my ugly yellow of the mobo. Not really picky on the brand, although i dont want bad quality ram. Anything over 1333 is good and with low timings please. And if theres a good sale going on, thats the most important part! lol. also i figure 2 4gb sticks should be enough. unless a good deal on 2 x 8 gb sticks.

Lighting! Since id have a nice big window with that case, i needa show off the goods! And since its ugly yellow, im thinking amber leds would look good with the yellow and brown board. I havent seen any video of them in action but red is too much. and i dont really like the blue looks either. I've seen Logisys has a cold cathode tube that can bump to music, which would be cool, but i dont think it would fit. (physically it does but with that case taking out the hdds on the bottom i think it would get in the way) I havent seen any cathodes in this case, only led strips so maybe thats waht id have to get.

I already have a PSU, Vid Card, cd/blu ray drive, crappy keyboard, mouse and triple monitors.

Thanks for any replies. especially if u actually read it all. P.S. oh and my name is Thomas... not OP :)
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