$300 Gaming Monitor. Possibly IPS?

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Recently i have done alot of reading on TN vs IPS monitors and the results have been slightly disturbing. TN monitors seem to have horrible viewing angles, no full RGB color spectrum support, horrible contrast ratios, and, no true blacks. They counteract this with a high refresh rate 120-144 hz, low response times (1-5ms) and much lower prices (popular currently for gaming). IPS on the other hand sport accurate and consistent true color reproduction, wide viewing angles, and an overall better structure as far as screen and frame go. However, they have very high response times {(for gaming) 6ms-16ms}, "Low" 60hz refresh rates and are meant mostly for graphic design. Again, I would prefer a non 1440p monitor with a max length of 27in and a minimum of 24, again my budget is $300 but i can go up to $50 over.

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The two i might be considering along with my choice of monitor pre-IPS panel education.

First Choice-

Second Choice-

My Choice Pre-IPS knowledge gain-
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    Your eyes can only see at 100hz which is equivalent to 10ms. Simply put, you wont be able to tell the difference between any refresh rate under 10 ms. These "Gaming" monitors with 1ms refresh rate are overkill. While it is true that IPS panels are much better, normal monitors aren't as bad as some make them out to be. However, the viewing angles are indeed terrible and the color does look washed out. Go for an IPS panel. You will NOT regret it. I would recommend the MX279H as it is larger. By the way, you misunderstand response times. When it says 5ms response time, it means that it refreshes the screen every 5 milliseconds. This is 200hz, or 200 times per second, you will remember that human eyes only see at 100hz. When referring to ms, lower is better. When referring to hz, more is better. Get the ASUS MX279H. It has a 5ms response rate(200hz) and it is IPS.
  2. Hey dude, thanks for the response, a few details i forgot to include was that I am a hardcore gamer as well as somewhat of an fps fanatic, furthermore i have heard that the input lag on these IPS monitors is simply atrocious and a 120hz refresh rate or a max of 120 fps, (which no IPS monitors have) will greatly increase your gaming performance. The mx only has 60hz or a maximum of 60fps
  3. Sorry. I was mistaking response time with refresh rate. IPS panels do indeed operate at about 60hz. It is true that TP panels do have better gaming frame rates. I am a gamer and I play FPS games all the time, I have compared TP panels to IPS panels and the rich colors, far outweigh the slower refresh rate. I would personally still go for the IPS. But if refresh rate is that important to you, go for the TP. As for response times, i stick with what I said before about 10ms or less being more than adequate.
  4. What monitor are you using at the moment?
  5. I dont have one yet, i am in the middle of a build in progress, but i am coming from a model 2012 iMac.
  6. Gnomercy said:
    I dont have one yet, i am in the middle of a build in progress, but i am coming from a model 2012 iMac.

    The model 2012 iMac is an IPS panel. Here is what i would do: Download (or install) a FPS and play it and see how you like the screen speed. A free FPS that runs on Mac is Assault Cube: . try it out and you will probably see that you cannot discern the frames apart.
  7. As for gaming i am coming from an xbox 360 hooked up via hdmi to a 40in tv, which is 60hz 720p
  8. Have you been able to notice any individual frames on your xbox?
  9. Well, no, put the quality is total shit haha. But when i am playing BF3 it seems my tv blurs when i am turning really quick, i think that just might e the tv but check out some videos and websites i have found.
  10. This is because of the xbox 360 gpu limitations i believe.
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