Computer crashes randomly, with loud brrr noise

Hello, ive ever since i installed this HDD my computer has been randomly freezing. Atleast once a day, its getting worse maybe 2-3. i have to hit reset button on my case. i don't know what to do, my internet has been extremely slow randomly, everything is so random, i did a anti virus scan, nothing. PLEASE HELP.
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  1. run memory, cpu, and drive diagnostics & benchmarks while monitoring your temperatures, to isolate the problem. I would begin with testing your ram. Memtest86+ is decent and free as is microsofts utility

    run the tests overnite if possible.
  2. Hello, it was a virus, i got it out but now when i play games like if i tab out it crashes. idk what to do help, i don't freeze and crash anymore my computers back to normal, its just the game situation now. i can play the game but i cannot tab out it won't let me back in the game, like i'll click the icon several times nothing happens i have to close it.
  3. I would reinstall the graphics driver and see if that fixes it.
    Can you alt-tab back into the game?
  4. I reinstalled the graphics driver already, i can't alt tab back into the game, i was thinking the virus damaged windows? i was gonna do a windows repair, i torrented windows 7 repair iso, im not even sure if thats the issue though
  5. I just just got blue screen of death, randomly watching a stream. first time blue screen idk what to do
  6. I just just got blue screen of death, randomly watching a stream. first time blue screen idk what to do
  7. event log (0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000, 0xfffff88006f91b08). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 081213-20794-01.
  8. i still haven't tried to windows repair? you think i should?
  9. whats in the dump report?

    There's no real need to use the install disk, you can run sfc
  10. actually, after a confirmed virus, I would wipe the drive and reinstall. backup your important files as normal but dont install them until windows is fully updated and protected with a good antivirus. Obviously the one you were using isnt that great if one got thru. I never recommend security essentials. Every virus I see is on pc's using it.
  11. I use pirated version of windows, i would need to torrent again. i don't wanna reinstall windows if possible, im not sure what you mean whats in the dumb report, i linked the blue screen of death, from event log
  12. i use avast
  13. should i find another anti virus? how would i go about saving files? i think the SFC /SCANNOW would help, ima try it
  14. sorry didn't read it obviously, I never recommend security essentials.
  15. i ran the sfc first scan found corrupted files and fixed it, but i still can't tab outta my game. idk what it is, i can play it as long as i don't tab out, it flickers though as if its tabbing out, when i ran trouble shooter aero, avast poped up and said c:\windows\temp\themetool.exe continue termination but it wouldn't delete it, not enough evidence it said
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