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Intel DG45ID No Video / Display / BIOS

August 8, 2013 1:24:26 AM

I bought new DG45ID yesterday. I see no display when i connect the board to SMPS, board got switch on, CPU Fan Running but no display to the screen.
I have tried with the SMPS from another working computer but no luck. I tried both inbuild and External HDMI port from the board.
I did clear the remove the jumper and tried but no luck.

Also, i removed all 4 RAM, Board give me long beep sound. I clean the All the RAM with Rubber and Checked with every RAM alone still no luck.

I am using Samsung 32" LED TV as Monitor via HDMI.

And have 1GB ASUS GEFORCE GC (PCI x16)

4x1GB 667 MHZ RAM

Core 2 Duo Processor

Please help me to resolve the issue.