Samsung NP370R4E Core i5 HD 8750m good laptop?

Samsung NP370R4E-S05PH
Intel Core i5-3210M (2.50Ghz base clock speed)
4GB DDR3 Memory
2GB DDR3 AMD 8750M
14.0" HD LED Display (1,366 x 768), Anti-Reflective
1TB S-ATAII Hard Drive (5,400RPM)

Im planning to buy this laptop. The specs looks good but it's weird i cant find a review of this laptop anywhere. Any comments?
Also is 8750m able to play league of legends at 60fps with max settings?
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  1. I guess it depends on how much you are getting the laptop for. The specifications are okay, around the middle tier I guess. Depending on your budget you could get more for your money. As far as being able to max out LoL at 60 FPS, I wouldn't be sure. But I do know that the game is not particularly intensive, and at that resolution, I wouldn't be surprised if the HD 8750M could max it out.
  2. actually this laptop is already on sale. most laptops with the same price have either gt 635m or hd 7670m which are lower according to benchmarks.

    Is the difference between 8750m and gt 635m(or 7670m) significant?
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    If it's DDR5 version, 8750M could be a little better than GT 640M DDR3 but since it's DDR3 the performance should be quite a bit better than GT 635M or HD 7670M but slightly below GT 640M. So it sounds like a good deal at this priceline.
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