What would you rate me *FUTURE* PC build?
Anything i should change? Is a 4570k worth getting or should i stick with the 4570. ANYTHING wrong about this FIRST PC build and how will it run games?
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  1. dont get the 4570k if you have b85 mobo unless youre going to upgrade your mobo to z87 nad nothing is wrong with your pc but you should get windows 7 and upgrade when a proper windows comes out
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    There are four things I'd look at changing:
    1. The non-modular Corsair CX-500 was made using some inferior Samxon capacitors that do not like heat and are known for early failure. I would not put one in a gamer. The modular CX-500M, though made by the same company (CWT) for Corsair, uses all-Japanese capacitors and would be a safer and only slightly more expensive choice.
    2. Like many other CM products, the sickleflow fans were found by Anandtech to have liar labels on them for the amount of air they move. Iirc, Corsair and Enermax had better fans.
    3. A few more dollars will buy a dual-band N wireless adapter, which will likely be a little more reliable and faster, especially if you use a dual-band router with it.
    4. I agree with AMDRadeonHD, either wait for Windows 8.1 or just get Windows 7.
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