Should I install and use all my files on an external hard drive?

My stupid motherboard will not read my cd drive or my hard drive. I am sick and tired of trying to get it fixed so i a, either going to buy an external one or a new internal hard drive. Trust me, i have spent hours trying to fix my hard drive and i am just done with it. This is my new build without an OS. The only reason i am not set on installing my os on an external hard drive is because of the speed. The boot time will take so long. I would by a new internal hard drive but i dont think it would work because remember, my motherboard is also not reading my cd drive and i think it could be my motherboard. I am not buying a new motherboard so my only option is an external hard drive. What do you guys think? Thanks for the replies. And also could someone be nice and provide a link to a tutorial on how to install windows on an external hard drive? Thanks :D.
PS: could it be the hard drive and the cd drive that are not working so should i buy an internal hard drive?
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  1. you can't install at least windows 7 and below on any sort of external drive anyways. I think 8 you might be able to, but don't quote me on that.
  2. How about a whole new system.
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    it will have to be something bootable which is likely that USB will be the fastest external you have... which would be horribly slow. Test your drive with someone elses pc and if the drive works, spend the money you would have in buying an external drive on a new motherbd instead.

    what processor do you have? Perhaps we can steer you to something easily affordable.
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