Which laptop would be faster and better ?? Please help.

I want to buy a laptop.

First one has Intel Core i7 3632QM which is QUAD CORE and has 1 TB HDD 5400RPM , AMD Radeon HD 7670M , Not full HD

Second one has Intel Core i7 3537U which is DUAL CORE and has Hybrid HDD 750 GB (HDD 750 GB + NAND Flash Memory for cache 8 GB, Serial ATA, 5400 rpm) , Nvidia 735M , Is full HD

Both have 8 gigs of RAM.

My area of use will be casual stuff like light gaming, web browsing, programming, light video editing etc.

Please tell me which one of them will be faster ? boot time and application load time ?

And is DUAL CORE i7 way too slow than QUAD CORE i7 ?

Thanks :)
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    What's a "SSHD"? And a "SDD"? I think you're getting your terminology mixed up.

    Personally, I feel the first one will be faster for video editing, as many video editing programs are multi-threaded and love more CPU cores. The second one seems to use a 32GB SSD as a cache drive so bootup will be faster, but I don't mind sacrificing 5-6 seconds on bootup for an overall faster experience.
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