Looking to upgrade from SLI Gtx260, $150-200

I think I've run these guys into the dirt by now. Always alternating between one or both depending on if games are even pushing it.
Current specs i5 2500k oced to 4.2gzh, 16gb gskill ddr3, samsung 840 250gb non-pro, asus p8p67 pro. Everything is still pretty decent from what I'm aware of as I havent rebuilt in ~2+ years.
I have a few bucks and looking for something 150, maybe 200 tops. Preferably Nvidia.
Usual games I was playing weren't too extensive like diablo3 and dota2, tf2.
But playing some sc2, planetside2 and natural selection 2 and its showing its age in those areas.
The 260s I have are evga and they haven't done me wrong yet so evga is a preference.
I'd probably get off newegg. I may check bestbuy but they usually have garbage there and even with a friend getting employee discount it isn't worth it.
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    EVGA gtx 660 2gb (Core @1046 MHz, Memory @ 6 GHz), $200 w/ $20 rebate
    or its little brother:
    EVGA gtx 650 ti boost 1gb (Core @1072 MHz, Memory @ 5 GHz), $160 + $5 S&H w/$10 rebate
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