Could I set up Windows 8 so that I can put any PC to sleep while connected to a network with Wake on Lan activated?

I have a Windows 8 network and at home network with three computers and I have Wake On Lan activated.

The problem I find is that, when I start any PC, the others wake up. I'd rather start only the PC I'm working with, and then start any of the other PCs when I wish from the PC I've started. Is this posible?, I don't like having to start all the PCs on the network when I only use one!.

PC1: desktop with Asrock z77 motherboard (CPU: Intel core i5) with UEFI
PC2: desktop with MSI MS-7008 FISR PT880 NEO (Cpu: Pentium 4)
PC3: laptop hp intel core i3
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  1. PsShutdown from Sysinternals allows remote shutdown or sleep. The command would be:

    psshutdown \\computer -u username -p password -d -t 0

    You could create a batch file for each system to save the computer, username, and password, however the password would be saved in plaintext, which may be a security risk.
  2. Thanks for your answer but I think I didn't express myself well, I've modified my post. I've noted down your answer anyway. Shutting down/sleep remotely is good to have, and security isn't a concern for my home network.
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