What Parts Do I Need to Cut to Bring price Down to About $700

After many months of meditation, to replace my ageing (five year) laptop i have decided to go with intel over amd in a mini-itx motherboard. I'm a junior in college and will probable use it 90-95 percent of the time for browsing and writing papers, but I do enjoy the media side of things like photo and video editing and transcoding. I used handbrake to encode a two an half hour movie to h.264 using my laptop and it took a whopping 31 hours first pass, and 35 hours second pass. My first build cost about 1200, then i knocked it down about 950, then taking the best prices from three dealers, it dropped down to about 850. I feel more comfortable at the 700 dollar range. Is there anything more i can cut to bring the price down even more? I made i spreadsheet with all my parts and prices and dealers, but since this is lucky post number one, dont' know how to add it.
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  1. Links to the parts you are looking at , and the name of them too
  2. well that motherboard i think it doesnt allow for overclocking so instead of the 3570k get the 3570 that should bring the price down a little bit
  3. Since I've been running Linux for three years now and don't really do any gaming other than on a console, I wonder, since the gigabyte board doesn't not over OC, what if i upgrade to a z77 m-itx to overclock with the 3570K and drop the video card? The integrated graphics are fine for office applications, but will I still be able to do video and photo editing without waiting an eternity?
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    If you don't do gaming, then cutting down your GPU to something like a GTX650 would be enough.
  5. yeh if not for gaming go for as he said gtx650 or amd hd7770 cheap and effective as for what you wanna do
  6. If you are not gaming then drop the graphics card entirely , use the onboard graphics and buy an 3770 or 3770k

    The prodigy is a great case but I suggest you buy something larger with better cooling if you want to overclock a lot
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