Asus Z87 PRO LGA 1150

what you guys think of this for gaming can you guys help me out on what to pick for the best, money not a problem
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  1. Asus really doesn't make a bad board. It's more about what features you need/want on a mboard. You want Bluetooth, built-in WiFi, eSATA? How many USB and SATA ports do you need?
  2. i just want the best motherboard and i seen this one so i tough it was actually a good gamingpc
  3. Again, there really isn't a "Best Motherboard" it's more a point of getting one that has the features you want and will use without blowing your budget. While Asus Republic of Gamers product line is very high-end, it's also incredibly expensive and has features that even most techies won't use.

    What are you using this computer for? What else is going in it? What devices and peripherals do you need to connect to it? Answer these and I can give you some tailored suggestions. Otherwise I can only recommend stuff that works for me, but may not fit your situation.
  4. i like the 1 i picked and wat it does so ill prob pick this 1 and im starting a new pc so im looking for all my budget is around the 1500 so if u would like to help me private message me and ill send u a few things i got in the list
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    That's a great board , nice choice.
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