Intel Core i7 2600k very high temps with H100 Watercooler.

Its summer time that means that i put my 2600k to stock freq speed.
Unlike any other time I'm getting 55-60 degrees on idle. and I don't dare do a test on prime 95 or anything.
When gaming temps go 70 to 75 and sometimes even 80.
Its very disturbing considering the cooling is Corsair H100
-First i thought it was the dried up thermal paste. after changing it the result is still the same. Pretty sure paste applied correctly.
-Secondly started to Google around and reading other similar problems with this one of mine and pump is working fine @2k-2.1k.
-Core voltage was a little high(1.3v)and I had default board settings(P8Z68 V Pro)
Disabled C1 C3 C6 and Turbo. Set cpu voltage at 1.22V and a multiplier x34
Temps still the same.
Power Consumption around 20-29 Watts

Ambient Temperatures are around 30 degrees. Im little worried that something might be not working properly and speaking fairly getting +25degrees from ambient temp on watercooling it is to be worried about.
Let me know if you need additional info. Be waiting on solutions.
Thank you for your time reading this thread.
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  1. Have you tried using a different cooler? Just to check that the h100 works ok?
  2. The fans are spinning on the radiator?
  3. Quote:
    Have you tried using a different cooler? Just to check that the h100 works ok?

    For now im unable to try a different cooler. Not exactly the land of opportunities and the list of my friend who even own a cpu cooler or a pc i can test on is very limited.

    The fans are spinning on the radiator?

    Of course fans are spinning. Iv done deep troubleshooting and first thing comes to teacher onizuka mind is fans are snipping?:P
    Anyways, radiator is cool, cool air comes out of the radioator, and the waterblock is warm to the touch.
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