Computer keep getting black screen & buzzing sound

My computer keep getting a black screen and I hear a buzzing noise then it crash. I was told it was my gpu (660 ti) so I went out and brought a new one.

Now my problem is it keep doing the same thing even after I got a new gpu I thought it was the drivers so I installed one that I knew worked and every time I ran the Hitman Absolution benchmark my computer would crash. Even when I game now my computer still crash. I really don't know what to do now, any help would be appreciated. Also my gpu is not over heating and I can use my computer as long as I'm not gaming..
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  1. DId you try changing PCI express slots? Also what pSU are you using?
  2. Have you overclocked anything?
  3. My power supply is a Corsair GS600. I have not tried changing PCI slots but I will try now and post the outcome.
  4. No, I have not overclocked anything.
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    If your getting the same result with the new 660 Ti card then you can factor it out as the problem.

    If you get a black screen and a freeze then it can indicate there is a problem with power being provided to the card, if as you say you were hearing a buzzing sound.

    Some graphics cards do that to indicate a problem with power, so double check the 12v pci-e power blocks to the 660 ti card are in right provided from your corsair Psu.
    Some times people forget, yes the system works fine, but as soon as you play a game black screen and freeze.

    Also check that the four or eight pin 12v supply to the board is seated right, located near the cpu socket of the board.

    The 12v located next to the cpu socket provides power to the Cpu, but also to the Pci-e slot of the board.

    Check your cpu temps, as if the cpu gets too hot it can be the cause of a freeze of the system.

    Run a memory test of your memory in your system, to see if it is at fault, produces any errors.

    Last of all see if you can borrow a Psu off a friend to test to see if your corsair is at fault.

    I suspect what is happening is this, the computer worked fine with both 660 ti cards in normal windows, and as you said with both cards it crashed moments after loading a game, it would lead me to think you may of forgot to plug the two Pci-e 12v 6 pin power connectors from the psu into the 660 ti card it`s self.
    Located on the back or top side of the card. Anyway have a check and good luck !.
  6. I switched PCI Slots and I have been able to get past the benchmarks that my pc would normally crash on. I will game for a couple hours and post a response letting you know rather if it work or not. Also I wanna say thanks for the help so far!
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