Alienware Aurora tight fit Crossfire. Please help.

Hello. Does anyone out there have an Alienware Aurora with Crossfire or SLI in it? Or anyone have experience with the Aurora?

I'm asking because there is very little space between the two PCIe slots.
One card will be on top of the other.

I have a

I want to add a second 7950 but...

A. I don't know if they would even fit :(
B. I don't know what the temps would be like. I know the top card would get hotter so I thought I'd point a big fan at the GPUs but then what about the CPU? It's liquid cooled and there is decent airflow in the case but would it be enough?

Would really appreciate help from someone who has had experience with this specific case if possible but all help is welcome of course. Thanks in advance.
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    If you take the left side panel off and upload a picture thats the easiest way to tell.
  2. hey thanks for reply pic coming soon :)
  3. I got some pics but how can I upload them here?
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