Yellow and blue lines all over my screen, nvidia geforce experience not detecting graphics card

Ok, so I got a brand new gaming computer for the first time two days ago. It ran fine until late last night when completely out of nowhere when I was playing PlanetSide 2 the game froze for about five seconds with a blue checkered overlay on the screen. After that happened everything started running fine again so I didn't worry about it. Then a couple hours later I started having yellow and blue checkered squares appear all over my screen... yellow appeared on brighter colors and blue appeared on areas of the screen where there were darker colors... so I shutdown my computer and hoped when i turned it on the next day everything would be gone. So today when I booted up my computer it didn't work at all. While it was booting up, there were blue lines nearly covering all of my screen and when it did finish booting up the whole screen was just blue and black and I couldn't do anything. Right now the computer can boot up and I can do stuff, but there are yellow and blue lines everywhere and on top of that i'm being forced to stay on a 800 x 600 resolution because windows can't detect my monitor. Also when I go onto nVidia GeForce Experience, it says I don't have a GPU at all(which was not the case yesterday). Before I was told my GPU vanished into thin air, my drivers were completely up to date so I doubt that's the problem... Also, I have tried using a DVI, VGA, and HDMI cable all with the same results; blue and yellow lines overlaying the screen so I know its not that either. I'm having trouble believing its a heat problem because I'm using a case with three different fans and the computers right out of the box so there isn't any dust or debris in there at least from what I can see when I look into the window. I'm wondering how I could check and see if my graphics card is overheating and also if there is someway I can fix this problem without having to get a completely new card... i'm completely stumped on what to do please help D:
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    You might have a hardware problem. Go to the shop where you bought the pc and ask them to replace your gpu. Btw, have you tried to go in to BIOS? If yes, the lines are present there?
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