iPod touch charging/bootup problem.

The battery to my iPod touch has ran dry and so I began to charge it, I get the indication that I need to initially charge it for some time prior to booting up. The problem is after several seconds of that, the iPod attempts to boot up but fails and returns to the charging screen. I cannot attempt to take the iPod and re-install the OS because it will not let me due to the constant booting-up. I would assume the best course of action is to keep it charging but I would like an expert opinion on the matter.
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    Hey Russel

    It seems like your iPod is experiencing a boot loop due to either a firmware issue or due to a charging cycle bug

    The best course of action is to try taking it off the plug, then HOLD the HOME+Power button for about 10-20 seconds

    Did this issue start occurring shortly after it ran out of juice?
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