i7 4770k hyper 212 evo running 33-35c idle

I just built my first pc and my 17 4770k idles at 33-35c with the new hyper 212 evo is that normal and should i do push pull configuration since im going to do alooot of hard core gaming
- 17 4770k
- asus sabertooth z87
- corsair vengeance 8GB 1866
- corsair gs700
- hyper 212 evo
- nzxt phantom 630
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    Perfectly fine. You probably won't need push-pull for overclocking. If your cooler is mounted front to back, the case's rear exhaust fan is practically the "pull" fan anyway.
  2. Normal, Your in good shape.
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  3. If you look at Intel's product page for the 4770k, you'll find that the expected operating temperature of the chip s at 72c so your temperature readings are way more than perfect.

    All you need to do in ensure that the air flow is going through your case as unobstructed as possible. Your setup as is looks pretty good, so happy gaming!
  4. If your just doing a lot of gaming then I wouldn't worry too much about your temps as it shouldn't increase the temps all that much. If you were doing some overclocking as well then you would have to monitor the temps to see where they go.
    I would run Prime95 and see what the temps go to since that will stress the CPU to 100% and gaming will not do that.

    The video card will be doing most of the work in gaming anyways.
  5. that temps are very fine.
    if you really want a sure test of cooling potential then run CPU intensive benchmark like SuperPi,WPrime,Prime 95 & then check temps(if they are in ~70C range then it's very good)
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