*Repost* Which is the best Dual GTX 780s,Dual AMD Radeon HD 7970 Ghz Edition,Or Dual GTX Titans?

'm wondering which is the best and the highest TDP is from the Titan which is 900 TDP.By the way this is gaming wise.I think dual 780s are the best but i wanna find which is really the best.I'm gonna be playing games like Battlefield 3,Battlefield 4,Batman Trilogy,Tomb Raider,Assasins Creed Series,Grand Theft Auto Series,Resident Evil Series,Borderland,Borderland 2,Crysis Series,League of legends,Dota 2,Team Fortress 2,Fallout Series,Left 4 Dead,Left 4 Dead 2,Counter Strike Series,Arma Trilogy,Mirrors Edge,Minecraft,Medal Of Honor Series,Dungeon Seige Series,Lost Planet Trilogy,Red Dead Redemption,L.A Noire,Far Cry Trilogy,Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon,And other big AAA games.which GPU is the best for 2560x1440 on ultra settings and will run smooth,Won't get so hot (Even with a expensive liquid cooler),and the ultra settings will last for maybe a couple of years (This is a estimate i don't really know if a GPU the ultra settings can last a couple of years).This is a Repost i'm just adding some details.i'm gonna be playing on 2560x1440 on a single monitor.Iw ould play on a multi monitor but the seperation on the monitors bother me so i just wanna play on a 2560x1440 single monitor.Also i might overclock it but will i need a liquid cooler?
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    I would say go for the dual 780s, titans are overpriced for the performance as 690s or 780 will come close or even out perform them. SLI 780s should out perform crossfire 7970s as well.
  2. Dual of any of those is a bit much for a single monitor, even at 2560x1440. Most multi setups go towards driving extra monitors, but if you do go dual, you'll never be short on frames. The Titan is the most powerful of them by far, so dual titans would smash even dual 780's. Adding a second just makes the performance gap even bigger.

    With the new cards efficiency, you shouldn't need a liquid cooler as long as you're not cramming these things into a mATX case with no fans.
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