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Hi new here. It's going to be my first time building a pc and i want to make sure that the parts are good enough for gaming within my budget. I play the sims 3 and games like the walking dead. I know the basics (like at least 8 bg of ram, etc) but I'm having a hard time choosing a good graphic card (leaning towards: GeForce gtx 650 ti boost, gtx 660, radeon hd 7870 and hd 7850), choosing a good motherboard ( interested in msi z87-g45, asrock z87 extreme 3, asrock z87 extreme 4, and asus z87 a) and a case (i would like a full tower but a mid tower is okay). I'm certain that I want the i5 4670 ( yes I DONT want to overclock) and the seagate barracuda 1tb 7200 rpm. I know pc part picker isa good site, but it would be nice to purchase everything from one site. Would do you recommend I get and don't get for the computer.

*Oh yeah, and is there a way I could get someone to put together the computer? Because i really am a first timer and I have no idea how to do it.
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  1. any of those motherboards is a good choice. instead of the 660 go for the gtx 760. as for the case
  2. as for putting it together its really easier then you think, everything clicks together and the only tool you need is a screw driver, there are lots of videos on youtube showing how to put them together i can link you one if you want
  3. Putting the computer together is not hard at all. There are a lot of great build videos on YouTube that you could reference.

    For a $1000 gaming build, I would spend a lot more on the GPU. The 650 Ti Boost is a great value, but you should be getting a GTX 760 at least.

    The motherboard doesn't matter nearly as much as their marketing makes you think it does. Once you've got the requisite chipset and PCIe slots, you've got them. The extra bells and whistles may help you sleep at night, but they won't improve FPS in games.

    Here's my recommendation, all parts from Newegg
  4. thats a good build he listed except for the case. you said you wanted full case or mid at the least, and the one on the list is a mini case
  5. Yeah I forgot about the case form factor. If you still want mid/full tower, then you'll need to change the motherboard form factor, too.

    However, IMO, there's no reason for a mid tower for a build like that. Mid towers and full towers are intended for workstation machines or 3+ GPU configs.
  6. Wow. Thanks for the quick answer guys. Most forums take at least like a day to reply to my questions. And would a mini case perform just as good as a full or mid tower?
  7. i think that case will work, the only thing id second guess is if the graphics card will fit. but you should be ok. would personally go with mid tower just to have good room to work with inside the case.
  8. i was looking for other builds using that mini think you should just go for a mid tower case here is an option not to far from the price of that mini case

    if you dont like the white color theres this
  9. Yeah I'll go with a mid case. Do those two cases have good air flow? That's the only thing that I worry about a mid tower. The phantom 410 has good reviews and its under my budget. I'm also looking at the Corasir Carbite series 400r.
  10. oh i didnt realize you were willing to spend that much on a case. id say they are both good cases and youll be fine picking either one. personally i really like the look of that corsair, looks a little more...mature (if thats the word to use) and its little cheaper then the nzxt. as for airflow your system shouldnt be making insane heat with on gpu and a non overclocked cpu so these case will provide plenty of airflow
  11. FV2019 said:
    Wow. Thanks for the quick answer guys. Most forums take at least like a day to reply to my questions. And would a mini case perform just as good as a full or mid tower?

    It would... if you're willing to spend $80 on a case, then look at some mini models by Fractal Designs, Lian Li, and NZXT. I've been impressed by their cases in particular.

    If my memory serves me well, then that Rosewill case I linked to will fit a large GPU if you remove the bottom HDD cage. Basically anytime that you're buying a case, you should go to the Newegg reviews page, select the "100 reviews/page" option, and then do a ctrl+f search for the parts you plan on putting in it.

    Someone will have already posted "yeah I fit my Zalman Pro CPU cooler in the Carbide 4000 case, but I had to rejigger the whatchamacallit and it makes a weird noise now" ... or "So much room for my CM Cooler that there's an echo!"

    Also note that not all GPU models of the same reference card will be the same length or have the same length requirements. Some cards have backward-facing power connections that require extra clearance (look at the photos of the GPU to verify this either way).

    Mid towers are cool, too, but they don't necessarily provide better airflow when you're just talking about 1 GPU and a non-OC'd CPU. I don't think it would be worse airflow either, so if the choice is about aesthetics rather than floor/desk space or ease of carrying, then pick the prettiest case with the easiest build (I absolutely hate carrying/moving my mid tower, which is why I am quick to recommend mini towers).
  12. Here's an updated list with the Mid Tower (Fractal Design Black Pearl) that I would get if I were buying one today, but of course if you've already got your eye on a case, then all of these parts should work with it as long as you doublecheck the GPU compatibility.

    This is $50 above your budget. However, that money can easily be saved if you sign up for Newegg's Daily Deals; they offer a great 120GB SSD for $90 (versus $110 as listed) about every week. The also regularly offer $20 off Windows OS, leaving you $10 above your budget.
  13. I meant to also include this:

    When thinking about airflow and cases, remember that the hottest thing in your case ought to be your GPU, even if you decide to overclock. And your GPU is going to have two 80mm-ish intake fans (if you get the ASUS version; some have 1 or 3). For most Mini Tower cases (just for example, not trying to sell you on a form factor), you would have room for 2, maybe 3 120mm intake fans. Those 2-3 120mm case intake fans are feeding those two 80mm GPU intake fans, in addition to the CPU fan, which is likely even smaller if it is a stock cooling fan. So 2-3 120mm fans feeding 2 80mm fans means you ought to have plenty of air for a single GPU setup.

    If your system had 2 GPUs and a beastly CPU cooler, then there are a LOT more fans fighting for air inside the case. For that kind of a system, a mini tower may struggle to provide enough air without sounding like a hovercraft, so you upgrade to a mid-tower, which can support more and wider fans. Some Mid Towers support 3 140mm intake fans so that they can feed 4 80mm intake fans + a 120mm CPU cooler fan. And so on and so forth.

    Edit: To be clear, the diameter of the fans does not scale directly with the Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) rating of a fan, which is the most helpful quantity to refer to when talking about airflow and cooling. The Rotations Per Minute (RPM) and blade design will determine the CFM. Using the diameter of the fans is just a simple way to look at case design and cooling needs without having to qualify every statement. An advantage of larger cases is that larger diameter fans can maintain a lower decibel level for a given CFM value. A Full Tower case moving 200 CFM will be more quiet than a Mini Tower moving 200CFM.
  14. I would look into a mini case, but i would prefer mid case because of the upgrading capability, and plenty of interior space. I don't think I'll be moving the case at all really. From the advice of both of you, I think this is the build I'm aiming for:

    CPU: Intel Core i5- 4670 3.4 GHz
    Motherboard: Either Asrock h87 pro 4, Asus z87-a or msi h87-g43
    Memory: Kingston hyper X 8 gb (2x4)
    Storage: Seagate Barracuda 1tb 7200 RPM 64 mb cache
    Video Card: Asus geforce gtx 760 2gb
    Power Supply: Sesonic S12II 620 Bronze 620W
    Optical Drive: Asus 24X DVD Burner
    CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo
    Case: Fractal Design Define r4 black pearl, or Fractal Design Define r4, Corsair Carbide series 400r, Rosewill Black hawk, or Cooler master storm scout

    How's it look? I'm leaning toward the carbide 400r Rosewill Blackhawk and FD black pearl. I don't think I need a SSD card, maybe later on.
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    Looks good! I think you have a good gaming build there. Of course people will always say you can change something but if you buy that biuld you wont regret it. Ad for the ssd you could always grab one later.
  16. Was just looking at the corsair 400r again and I really love the simple look of it. I think you might of helped me pick my new case! :)
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