Need advise for a build (especially the mobo)


This build is for a friend, he'll be using it mostly for Solidworks plus some gaming. We're in Canada by the way so he checked on He'd like to know if we could lower cost without sacrificing too much performance. Here are the parts he picked:

Tower: Antec Nine Hundred
Mobo: Asus Z87 Pro
CPU: i5-4670K
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB
PSU: Corsair TX-650
GPU: Asus GeForce GTX-760 2GB
SSD: Samsung 840 250GB
HDD: WD Black 1TB
Optical Drive:

Mobo: He told me he really likes Asus so let's stay in the family. I'm just not sure he needs all the features of the Pro though? Is there another one in the Asus line-up that costs less?

CPU: Don't think he's going to overclock but I'll ask him again just to be sure. If he doesn't, should he go with a i5-4570?

Memory: Any other memory in the same price range you'd recommend instead?

PSU: I have a TX-650v2 myself and I know it's an excellent unit. However, I just don't like to have all the unused cables running around, should he go with a modular one?

GPU: Don't think he made a bad choice there!

SSD: My real challenge is to convince him to wait for the 840 Evo, lol! But seriously if he can't wait, any other one you'd recommend?

Thanks in advance for the replies!
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    Maybe this case. - Save $45
    Save $30 with this board. -
    Use the saved money on a modular PSU - HX650 is a great one.
    The Samsung 840 is a good SSD, no need to wait for the evo.
    Everything else is good. It'll be a pretty fast system...
  2. Thanks for the suggestion on the case.

    OK so I found the HX650:

    I also have a dumb question, the first TX650 I checked had a mention in the title: "Core i7 Power Supply & New 4th Gen CPU Certified Haswell Ready". Is there anything new with Haswell generation or on the mobo that would make a PSU not compatible? As far as I know they still use 8-pin CPU connector and standard 24-pin ATX connector?
  3. Solid Choices all the way around ... I wouldnt go cheaper on anything

    Tho this case is a step up but cheaper w/ the big rebate

    HX is 1st tier TX V2 is their 2nd ....avoid the TX's with the M suffix thoi
  4. Thanks for your recommendations guys! I'll give him the go ahead for these parts.

    I just changed the PSU for the HX650 and I'll show him the Corsair case too.
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