How do I play a video file from my internal harddrive, Sony Vaio, 64 bit, Windows 7, with CyberLink PowerDvd version 9?

How do I play a video file from my internal harddrive with CyberLink PowerDvd version 9? The option to choose a source location other than drive E (the DVD drive) does not appear to be available. My sister uses this program on her laptop and says that this option does exist on her CyberLink PowerDvd program and that she thinks it is version 9 also.....
I have had my computer for a year, but have never used the program before.
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    Page 19 of the manual ( gives instructions for playing back files from your hard drive.
    Option 1: drag & drop a file directly onto the CyberLink PowerDVD user interface.
    Option 2: click hard disk icon on the user interface, select Open movie file on hard disk drive and then browse to the folder that contains your
    media. Click OK to begin playback.
    Option 3: right click on a media file and select Open With. Select PowerDVD from the available list of programs.
  2. You might want to consider downloading and installing the excellent open-source media player "VLC Media Player". It will play pretty much anything, and it's completely free.
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