Multiple different BSOD's when installing windows

So i just built a new computer and have been trying to install windows 7. Everything on the computer is new, including the hard drive. When I put the windows 7 disk in everything is working fine and then at some point during the installation ill get a BSOD error message. Each times its a different error and each time it happens at a different point in the installation. It's never gotten to the point where windows is actually starting up though, so there isn't a way for me to boot in safe mode or anything like that. I've re-checked all of the connections and took the ram out and put it back in. I've built a computer before and I've never had this problem. Do any of you know what could be causing this? Any help is appreciated,thanks.
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  1. deco75943531 said:
    If you can not install the system correctly, you can try to format the hard drive and re-install

    I've tried formatting the hard drive and re-installing multiple times but the same thing keeps happening.
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    Possible failed RAM stick? Run memtest86+ to check for errors.
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