What would be a good GPU to power a 50" flatscreen in 1080P?

This is for my dad, he's a fan of his current PC's GT 640 (which is overkill for just watching streaming hd content, but he's that kind of guy.) Anyways, he's asked me to build a PC for him specifically to do nothing but Blu-Ray/DVD and web browsing for a 50" Samsung LED. If he was gaming I'd know what to pick, but it's only for streaming purposes. His budget for the GPU is $100 for this build. I'm just not sure, for streaming purposes he really doesn't need over 1GB of DDR attached to the GPU right?
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    If he don't play any games, the GT640 is still ok for anything

    I don't think he'll ever use 1Gb of Vram just playing movies in 1080p so 1Gb is enough

    For 100$ the most powerfull card i'm aware off is the AMD HD7770 (check for models and rebate as some are 120-130$)

    a 7770 is powerfull enough to play games at 1080p at low to medium settings (it perform like a 650ti or a little faster than a 5770, about 10-15% more)
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