PS3 through AMD Radeon HD 6670, can it work?

I want to play my PS3 through my monitor. I currently have a loaner moniter, (LED Acer, model g276hl), and it does not have an HDMI port, like the monitor I used to have before it broke, and had to send it to get repaired. My video card (AMD Radeon HD 6670), has an HDMI port.

Can I play my PS3 through my PC and have it displayed on my current monitor?
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    The HDMI port in your video card will only output video so you can't use it.

    1. You can buy an HD capture card. This will allow you to play your PS3 games through a window on your PC. Of course you'll need a good capture card otherwise you'll get input lag.

    2. You can buy an adapter like mentioned above. You'll have to manually switch the cable to go between the PS3 and PC

    3. You can buy a DVI to female HDMI adapter for you monitor. Then use a HDMI switch between the devices to avoid switching manually.
  2. i did not really look at what i linked i just did a quick search as I do not know what length cable you need or anything so it was just a general direction to go. you can also buy a hdmi switch which would let you switch between the computer and ps3 without ever doing anything other than hitting a button to choose your input.

    everything that above poster said is correct. the cheapest way to go is a switch and an adapter
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