Sapphire 7950 flex overclocked Temperature question.

Hi. I raise the core clock to 1100 and power to 20% and the temps reach anywhere between 74-80 degrees.

Without the OC the card is usually around 67-70 degrees under load.

With the OC it's usually around 75 but sometimes spikes to 77-80 degrees.

Is this safe or normal?
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  1. thanks for the reply. I was just playing the witcher 2 at max settings with ubersampling turned on. playing with that ubersampling on has the card at 75 degrees without the overclock. When I overclocked it reached 81 degrees and the fans reached 74% so I set it back to default.
    Is it safe for the temp and fan speed to be that high?
  2. GPU's can handle temps. that high. I can do some tests for you since I have the same exact card as you. I did overclock my GPU to have the same frequencies as the 7970GHz edition card without high temps, maybe you could try those. Also any additional information about your computer would be good too to help with providing max efficiency. I know in my computer my GPU never goes above 55c under full load.
  3. Hey thanks for the reply. 55C under full load? That's amazing lol.

    I have an Alienware Aurora. i7 920 CPU in it which is liquid cooled. There is a big thing that blows hot air out the back of the case. Not sure what other info could be useful.
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    Taking a picture of the inside can provide great details for helping you improve efficiency. Considering it is an Alienware desktop it might prove to be more challenging. The way my computer is setup, I have 2 Fans in the front and 1 on the bottom bringing in cold air. I have all my cables tied and going through the back of my pc to prevent them from hindering airflow. I also have my Middle hard drive case removed so that I have a direct line of air front the bottom and the front of my computer going to my GPU. that's how I did it. But a detailed picture of the inside can help a lot.
  5. ok I'll get a pic up here soon thanks a lot man
  6. Your temps are fine, they're nearly identical to mine, stock and overclocked. I have 2 Sapphire 7950's (One Boost, One OC). Stock, the temp when gaming is usually in the 60's. If I load an overclocked profile @ 1100/1400, temps climb to about 80. 80 is perfectly fine for these cards. Once I accidently jammed one of the fans on my top card, temps went up past 90 before I realized why, but the card kept running just fine.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I've played a few games with the core at 1100 and the power slider at 20%. I tried raising the memory as well but it didn't seem to do anything besides raise the temp. Should I try 1100/1400 like you have it? And do you raise the power to 20%?

    Also I start hearing a noise but I guess that's just the fans spinning at 70% eh?
  8. Pavel Pokidaylo said:
    Thanks for the reply. I've played a few games with the core at 1100 and the power slider at 20%. I tried raising the memory as well but it didn't seem to do anything besides raise the temp. Should I try 1100/1400 like you have it? And do you raise the power to 20%?

    Also I start hearing a noise but I guess that's just the fans spinning at 70% eh?

    Because one of my cards is the original Sapphire OC edition it uses a very low voltage. Due to this, me using the power slider isnt enough when I want to overclock my card, I have to bump the voltage using Trixx or MSI Afterburner.

    As far as bumping the memory up too, you wont see as big a jump as from bumping up the core clock, but in certain situations it gives a slight gain. Especially for someone like me who is gaming at 5760x1080, the higher the resolution the more that gets switched in and out of memory so the faster memory in that situation helps more.

    For the noise, its most likely just the fans. Once my fans get up past 65% I can definiely hear them, and seem to have a bit of coil whine, but I game with a 500watt surround sound system so its easy to block out the extra noise.
  9. Yep. I'm not worried about the noise at all because I game with a headset on lol. It's just the fans spinning really fast, I thought maybe it was the core or something :) I'm a noob.

    I play on a single monitor 1080p so yea I guess I don't really need to raise the memory. I can raise the core to over 1150 even and without touching the voltage and it will be stable. Card will be at 80 degrees under load though and fans as fast as 75% but I guess that's fine.

    About the power. I've read that I should just raise it to 20%... I guess I'll just keep doing that.

    by the way you have two sapphire 7950s? I'm thinking about adding a second 7950. I'm happy with the performance I'm getting from this one and figure if I add another it will put me way over the top for what I want. Which is basically to be able to play any game with all settings maxed and be at 60fps. I can pretty much do that with the one card, I just can't crank up the MSAA. And I have an ALienware Aurora and the 2 PCIe slots on the motherboard are really close so if I manage to fit a second card it will be really tight.
  10. The fans only being at 75% is another way you know your temps are fine, if your card was to go neara dangerous temp the fans should ramp up to 100%. The fact that the fans still have room to ramp up just shows the card isnt anywhere near its max operating temp (assuming the stock fan profiles are being used and are setup right).

    With the release of the new drivers that fixed some issue Crossfire isnt a bad option now, BUT on a single 1080p monitor, 2x 7950's would definitely be overkill. I was happy with my one 7950 but had to turn down settings during multi-monitor games. Having 2 got me where I wanted to be performance wise for my EyeFinity games.
  11. Yep I've been keeping up with the feedback on the new driver and I also downloaded and installed it for kicks even though I only have 1 card.

    Thanks for the good news about my temps/fan speeds man... I was really worried :)

    As far as crossfiring it up... I've managed to play most of the very graphic intensive games at or near 60fps for most of the time played.
    I had to mess with the settings a little. I like being at 60fps full time because it feels perfectly smooth. I can deal with my fps dipping sometimes but I figure if I could spend another 250 bucks and be able to max out all the settings without a care and be at 60fps full time... it's worth it lol. Maybe I'll even be able to crank up the MSAA.

    some examples of the games I've played on this card and the settings I had to turn down.

    1. Crysis 3- I'm able to play with 2XSMAA and all settings on max with the exception of shadows and shading. With those two settings set to low, and the rest at max, I hover right around 60fps the entire time.
    2. Bioshock Infinite- Also played with maxed settings but had to turn down shadows to stay at 60fps.
    3. Tomb Raider- Had to turn off the damn Tressfx and shadows, also had to lower the level of detail from max to normal when I was outside looking out into the distance and there was lots of detail.
    4. Metro 2033 and Metro Last light - Can be played at max settings and also hover around 60fps. Sometimes it would dip though but still very good.
    5. Witcher 2- I'm currently playing this game and I can play it with all the settings turned up and be at 60fps for the most part but it will also dip in some areas. I've read this game has some issues though. One thing I've noticed that slows me down is Depth of Field.

    Bottomline is that I can get the performance I want or near it in these games but I have to mess with the settings and lower some of them sometimes. And I can't really crank up the MSAA. I figure a GTX 770 would bring me closer to what I want but still wouldn't give me exactly what I'm looking for. Dual 770s probably would but I don't want to spend 800 bucks. Even if I sold this card for about 200 I would still have to spend 600 bucks.
  12. Lol I'm dumb. It was hot in my room that's why the card was getting so hot. Turned on the AC and my Ceiling Fan and the card doesn't go over 70 degrees under load with a massive overclock, sweet.
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