Nvidia 9400 GT temp sudden rise

For a month my 9400 GT runs on 10 degrees higher(61-62),and its really annoying.
I did nothing before it,played same games etc.
I cleaned the pc,same issue occurs.

Sys spec:
CPU-P4 3.0ghz
Motherboard-ASUS P5GD2-X m
VGA-Nvidia 9400 GT(ASUS) 1 GB DDR2

I use Smartdoctor as temp reading program.
And i can't control the fan(no program found the vga)

It's a rather big problem for me,as you see the PC is an old one and for gaming it's vga dependant and those 10 degrees make the performance much worse.
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    GPUs can undergo temps up to 90 to 100 degrees
    Do not worry
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