WiFi Web connection issues

I have a new Dell laptop running Windows 8 and I continually run into issues with internet access over WiFi.

The laptop says that I have a good connection to the WiFi router and that this router is connected to the Internet, bringing up a web browser fails to connect to any web pages as connections time out. I have validated, using other devices that the router is, in fact, connected to the internet at this time.

I can work around the issue by bringing up the network adapter settings and disabling the device and then re-enabling it and, once the device connects to the router again, everything works fine.

It looks like the issue is triggered by the laptop going to sleep though I'm not certain of this.

Any ideas of how to permanently fix this issue?
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    Go to Device manager, select the network adapter and go into properties, then power management, set it so it doesn't go to sleep
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