Going to MicroCenter. Need new CPU cooler!

Need a new cpu cooler! I have an AMD FX6350 AM3+ 6 core 3.9ghz CPU with an AsRock 970 Extreme4 mobo. I'd like to get a new CPU cooler as the one that came with the CPU seems loud to me. I have not OC yet but It's something I'd like to do eventually but it won't be "extreme". I've been looking at Zalman fans or the Cooler Master 212 EVO and a few closed loop coolers. Looking to spend around $60 tops and it has to be in stock at Fairfax VA MicroCenter. Input is greatly appreciated.
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    for a fx 6300 i would reccomend a hyper 212 evo plus if u wanna get a better cooler get a noctua d14/phanteks p14
  2. Really want the Noctua but I'm just going for the Cooler Master 212 EVO. Its cheap, good and in stock!
  3. yeah the evo is my personal favourate
  4. Holy crap this thing is huge! Wasn't sure if it was going to fit in my case or not but it cleared by a couple MM. This thing hasn't broken a sweat yet and my computer is MUCH quieter now! Also been running about 10* cooler (35*C vs 45* C). Also picked up a MSI GTX 760 to replace my old 8500 GT.
  5. Yeah that results were expected
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  8. Great man
    Glad u got us feedback :-)
    Great u must be happy with the money u spent
  9. VERY happy lol. The cooler wasn't hard to install, just time consuming unplugging stuff to take out the mobo to install the backplate and then reinstalling it all. Needed to redo the cables anyway. Otherwise it went flawlessly. No issues hitting RAM or anything and it sits perfectly inline with the back side case fan so the heat should theoretically make a speedy exit. GREAT fan for the money. I've been building this computer over the past month and am very pleased with everything so far. I've always had crappy OEM hand-me-down computers or fixed up junk computers people leave by the trash so it's finally nice to have something that doesn't suck lol
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