DC Jack Needs Fixing?

Laptop dropped. I can run the laptop with the battery inside but I cannot run the laptop with the power supply cord and i cannot charge the battery with the power supply cord. the power supply cord lights up green so it is getting power.

i don't know if something went wrong with the power supply cord or the dc jack when it was dropped but probably the dc jack.

i am going to order these 2 pieces but just wondering...

could it be something else that was damaged in the drop?

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  1. It is entirely possible that something else got damaged. There is no way to tell without eyeballs on it.

    As for the DC jack: if it was plugged in at the time, and the cord end hit something on the way down, the jack inside the case may have broken off the circuit board. Even just a little would affect the circuitry.

    The only way to really tell is to open it up.
  2. Sounds like the DC jack. Was it plugged in when it got dropped?

    Some DC jacks are easy to replace, remove the keyboard and few screws, unplug the DC jack connector and plug in a new one. Others you have to take apart the enitre laptop to get down to the motherboard and then de-solder the old one off and solder a new one in place.
  3. DC Jack probably broke a connector off or a solder joint inside the laptop.

    The only way to tell is to disassemble it and check/test the connection.
  4. this laptop dc jack just plugs in. will open and take a look.
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