Severely slow Windows 7 'desktop' load time on MSI FX700

Goodmorning/afternoon/evening people,

A while back I bought a FX700 from my local store.
All specifications may be viewed here in it's entirety:

The specifications have been left to default, except for the harddrive having been replaced by the 'geniuses'at MSI that swore this would help my problem, it obviously hasn't and I'm starting to doubt if they actually put the same one back in.

My problem is the following:

The laptop boots up perfectly fine (in any mode), to the point it starts loading up the desktop, where it slows down to a complete crippling halt.

Only untill after half an hour AFTER the desktop has loaded will it start to run 'properly'.

Aside from that, heavy programs (including games) run perfectly fine, it's just moving around the explorer or starting pretty much anything that takes decades.
A good example would be games like Assassins creed or (for the record of memory etc.) Minecraft run perfectly fine.

Office (word/excel/ppt) takes DECADES to load a document, but when it has, it runs as well as anything.

Any ideas?
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  1. it the power setting set to performance or something else?
  2. Ask for warranty, could be RAM, motherboard or OS. In any of those cases, you will have a laptop with replaced parts.
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    Do yo have a lot that loads up when you start the OS? Look at your HDD light and see if it's reading pretty rapidly. Also check CPU usage at the beginning to see if it's trying to process anything. I always recommend throwing in an SSD, that should make it come up pretty quick.

    Make sure nothing is running at startup that doesn't need to be.
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