asus z87 gryphon vs gigabyte z87x ud3h

i want to know which mobo should i get, they are at the same price point
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    the z87x-d3h is what id get. the only thing better about the asus board is the software. everything else is either just as good or lower grade. the d3h has less sata ports than the ud3h. otherwise they are the same. pick one based on how many you need
  2. Another alternative, the best in this cost is the MSI G45 it has killer ethernet for faster internet and a built in sound card for crisper sound quality.
  3. id rather have the intel nic provided on gigabyte boards. as for the sound, there isnt much of a difference considering its a a budget board and they arent going to spend the same amount of money as you would find with a better onboard solution such as the sniper series using a sound core3d chip and the asus who use a isolated alc1150 (which in general terms is not as great as the core3d chip)
  4. however, i do have to give msi props for a great looking board :)
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