New custom built computer cpu overheat

I know its pathetic to beg for help but I just built this and I am really desperate for an accurate answer because I cant just guess the issue, throw money at it and hope it works.

Anyways, my first post here after lingering around the tomshardware community reading post for years! Anyways, I did research on this issue and cant find anything on CPU overheat on a new custom built computer and cant find info relevant enough

I will post my cpuz dxdiag and cpuid to show spec and temp. Anyways my cpu is overheating and I need to get the temperature down. I need opinions on what is wrong because even with a stock CPU fan it shouldn't be almost reaching 90 on a full load. Lowest temp listed in the picture is idle, and max is full load ( i think) test on (the game) lead and gold.

The cpu has a turbo core with a 37x multiplier so it will overclock by itself to 3700mhz during gaming. My Mobo is 100% compatible, i mean hell it was basically made for this cpu. I throttled my cpu down to 2000ish mhz and it STILL runs hot even when I let it sit. The temperature in my room is about 75F


you will spot the problem
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  1. Welcome to the forums -- its always better to ask than to let such a problem continue and cause damage.

    What CPU cooler and what thermal paste did you use (the stock that you say should work)?

    Are you sure that the heatsink is firmly attached and that you only used a very thin layer of paste and did not add paste if it was preapplied on the stock heatsink?

    Your ambient temperature is fine, but the upper recommended temperature for your CPU is 74C and I would like to keep it in the low 60s since you are not overclocking. With a properly applied heatsink and if the fan is working that should be easy to attain while running Prime95 stress testing.
  2. the temperatures are off the roof! what is the cooler?
  3. Thank you real beast and hbazz for a quick reply. the cooler is the one that came with the cpu. The thermal paste was pre applied when I put the heatsinc on so I did not put any on. I would run prime95 but I am hesitant to do that with the current temperatures.
  4. Are you sure that the cooler is correctly attached to apply enough pressure for good contact with the CPU? Is the fan spinning at what seems a reasonable rate?

    No, do not run Prime95 until your idle temperatures are fixed.
  5. You need to check if the cooler is right, no way that the temps can be this high! Get back to us ASAP
  6. I thought it might be the thermal paste so I went and bought some ceramique 2 by Arctic Silver. No good, still idleing at 50 I applied and tested the paste three or four different times with a pea sized drop, but not too much.

    When that didn't work I figured it could be the airflow through the case so I left it closed and let it idle and after that didn't work I left the side pannel open and let it idle, and it still stays around 50! I have also made sure the headsink is nice and secure.

    Is it possible that I was sent a faulty cpu? Its suppose to be brand new and it looked like it was. Worst case scenario is that I take it to a pc repair shop and have them look it over?

    thanks for the help so far I really appreciate it.
  7. It could be a faulty cpu, sometimes that can happen. I would take it and get a replacement ASAP
  8. Another wierd thing I noticed is that when its idle and I open a file, for example click on a google chrome my temperature will rise up 15 - 20c within a second, maybe even less. within another 4 seconds of inactivity it goes back down to where it was. I am not sure if temperature fluctuation like that is normal but it seems weird to me.
  9. That sounds very odd. I'd definently get that checked out because I see it as a dead cpu
  10. I talked to amazon and returned the motherboard and cpu to exchange for new ones even though they are probably going to ban me from service now, once I get them ill let you guys know (ot: you know they ban you for returning 3 items? I had a customer service rep tell me this directly) Anyways, once I get that all situated I will give an update here and hopefully help someone in the future that is having the same problems because it is a HUGE time waster.
  11. Yeah, let us know, always choose a best answer, and when you said a ban I thought you cursed them out or something LOL let us know :D
  12. hbazzi98 said:
    Yeah, let us know, always choose a best answer, and when you said a ban I thought you cursed them out or something LOL let us know :D


    Okkayyyy well I got a new amd chip and motherboard, after market heat-sink that has outside manual control over the chip, so I can turn a nob and adjust the fan speed, and some arctic thermal paste, AND fans for airflow and im idleing the same at 46ish. What the hell is going on guys? This is making no sense to me.. is my AMD Athlon X4 705k just suppose to run at really high temperatures like that????? Where can I go to find out the max load my cpu should take. Im so stressed I've worked so hard on this.
  13. What is the thermal compound and aftermarket heat sink you're using?
  14. lolol... 46 C idle? wdf - something is clearly wrong... maybe you applied too much thermal paste or you did not apply enough? and you have the after market cooler all plugged into its correct 3 pins?
  15. I am using Arctic silver Ceramique2, I also tried the therm paste that came with the heat sink I just bot, same results. I'm looking for page that tells me the temps my card should be at. I just maxed everything out graphically on Continent of the 9th seal for 10 minutes at over 80c and I didn't get any frame drop or computer reset.

    Anyways and I know it is really that hot because my bio's says the same thing and that is before I replaced my whole motherboard, and CPU AND after. I'm trying to dig into the information on my CPU but I can not find ANYTHING on it. The amount of therm paste is fine, pea size on card. And there is no doubt in my mind the heat sink is securely on the CPU.

    I see the aftermarket heatsink fan spinning, dosent that mean its working? or is there more to it than that... because I might be connecting it wrong. But it its spinning at full rpm then it should be correct right?

    My heatsink:

    It should be fine, almost 500 reviews and all 5goodeggs. What is the possibility of it being somthing with my wattage... I have no idea.
  16. Can i see the inside of your case and what is your airflow like?
  17. The temperatures are bad, AMD clarified this when I talked to them they said it was too high.

    The only thing new I have found out is my cpu is an apu and it is directly supported by my motherboard so there shouldn't be any issues

    My management is good everything is very neat and wired correctly, heat sink is great with the proper amount of thermal paste, ive reseated and reapplied 200 times to this computer already. I called AMD they said update the bios, they were already up to date. I called AMD back they said download the newest chip drivers, I did nothing just nothing is helping also when I called back they said it might be the ram, remove 1 ram and see the temps.. they are the same. Not to mention I am on my second motherboard and second apu/cpu chip of this type, so I know its not just a hardware error. People have used this build before and have had good results with temps

    does ANYONE know? Sad I feel like taking it into a computer repair shop will do me no good because I have already done basically everything imaginable.
  18. You've tried everything, maybe it's the psu because the psu has a 8 pin to connect to the motherboard which helps power on the CPU, what is your psu?
  19. corsair 430w

    I just talked to a repair guy on the phone, he wants 90 bucks and I have the worst feeling he wont actually be able to do anything because most repair shops fix really trivial stuff like the therm paste ect.
  20. Wait on the 90 bucks.
    Give me the full spec of your computer. Because it could be because you have low wattage on your psu
  21. I built this pc off of this guys video actually, I just posted asking other people if they have had the same problems, no response yet, you can find all the parts in the video discription.
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