Need PSU for my new build. Need urgent help please!

Hi. I think I need a new PSU for a build I just made because as I run a benchmark on Metro: Last Light, the PC completely shuts down when the scene includes a huge explosion. I thought I might need a new PSU. The current PSU i have is a 600w Ultra V-Series, which is several years old (got this part from a friend).

I think I really need a new PSU. Am I correct? Please recommend me one.
Here is my build: BUILD
My build also includes 2 older hard drives, and 2 small fans mounted on the case.

And does anyone know if the GTX 480 will have compatibility issues with my parts? My friend is going to lend me the 480.

There are some PSUs on huge sales on Newegg right now. Can you see if any of them are good for this computer? The deals end in 72 hours:
OCZ 650 W Series? [$45]
Thermaltake 600w PSU [$25!]
Rest of the deals on NEWEGG!
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  1. did the computer do that with the older graphics card?
  2. Sorry, I did not manage to test it, and I cannot right now since I'm working on it at a friend's house. Is there a possible problem?
  3. The problem may be the PSU as its too old as you are saying and perhaps it is not able to give simaltaneous power to all components so the PC shuts down. Here is a fantastic psu built on the Seasonic S12II platform,
    XFX Core Edition 550W
    .Also take a look here .This page list many PSU's on the basis of their efficiency and longevity.
  4. Thank you for the quick reply. I see that this OCZ ZT SERIES 650W part is also on sale, for $45 (15 more expensive I think?). It has 650w as opposed to the 550w you posted. Do you still recommend the 550w?

    I don't actually know how much power my computer needs btw. Is 500w enough?
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    Now the OCZ has more amperes(54A) on the 12 volt rail as opposed to the XFX which has 44a. If you are not into heavy gaming(sli/crossfire) then xfx will be a good choice but if you want multiple gpu's or high end processors then go with the OCZ one
  6. Ok, so if I do want to make my computer a little more future-proof, it would be a good idea to go with the OCZ then right? Or would it not make much of a difference? (as in the PSU would prob be too weak/worn out by then).

    As of right now, I think the OCZ is looking better, the $15 should definitely be worth it (?)
  7. well the power supply is an older model and the 480 draws a buttload of power, it could be that the 480 draws too much power for the power supply.

    and its known that power supplies degrade in power overtime.

    and as for those power supplies you listed, i say go with the OCZ psu. there is nothing wrong with the thermaltake one, its just the OCZ is more efficient and its a better quality psu.

    [edit] for future proofing get the ocz. and especially because its on sale. and also, that list of power supplies is old. REALLY old. things have changed since then.
  8. Yes the ocz is a better option in this case plus it is modular.
  9. Thanks to you both, I will go with the OCZ! (Wish I could choose both as best answer!)
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