Need advice for new Monitor: Asus Monitor LED VX238H vs LG IPS 237V

Hi guys,

I'm going to buy a new monitor for my brand new gaming rig (i5 Haswell & GTX 760), I am wondering which one of this is better?

I can't get any of the tom's recommended monitors I read in the forums here in Indonesia as either they are out of stock, not available, over my budget and/or just plain ridiculously expensive. Therefore this is the two best available option available for me.

LG IPS 237V is aroudn $270, and the ASUS LED VX238H is $225. The LG is around $50 more expensive than the Asus.

The DELL U2312HM is $400 and just too expensive for me. My initial budget was around $200, but I am willing to go to $270 considering it is IPS and looks really nice as well.

Any comment is appreciated. Thank you
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    I'd go with the Asus, good picture, refresh, et all, don't see the $45 extra for the LG
  2. Thanks!

    What if the DELL U2312HM is on a deal and only cost for about $265, which one should I pick?
  3. Think I'd still go Asus, I lean towards their monitors and BENQ
  4. If you can get the Dell at an acceptable price, go for it. Far as I can tell that ASUS is a TN panel monitor, while the LG and the Dell are IPS panels.
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