What is the most dangerous for CPU and M/B

3.CPU speed

If I can control heat but use a lot of voltage will it safe ?
Don't worry just ask because I will play for fun not real world usage.
Something like this max temp is just 81C but 1.7vcore.
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  1. That's an easy one. Voltage is really the only dangerous one on that list. Too much will fry your cpu and you will have to buy a new one. When your comp gets too hot, it will shut itself off to save itself. Too high of a clockrate (speed) will crash your computer before it boots, but wont permanently damage it.
  2. Voltage and temps. Clock speed won't break anything.
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    There is no answer - because all of them are inter-related and interdependent. more clock=more volt =more heat. You want one - you get the others. welcome to the world of electrical engineering laws and realities.

    Have a proper cooling solution, allows more volt, which allows more speed. Therefore in VERY simplistic terms, heat is your weaklink that you can control.
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