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I live in an area where the only ISP around is Windstream, which isn't very good. That being said, I always had a speed of less than 1.5mbps and had no trouble playing online at all. Granted, my ping would be about 100, but still playable. A couple months ago I was told I could upgrade to 1.5, which I did and everything seemed fine. Then I eventually upgraded to 3mbps, after about 2 weeks of that I started getting problems with fluctuating ping and being disconnected. They came out and lowered my speed back to 1.5 (because I apparently live a little over 3.0 miles from the switchboard or whatever) because they said it would be more stable. Again, it worked fine for awhile then the same problems came back. It would only be playable around 3am. So today they came out and lowered my connection back down to lite (less than 1.5) and said that the readings and signal strength were great. Yet again, whenever I launch a game I still get the same ping problems. My ping will be as low as 45 one second and 500 the next.

I'm starting to think, maybe it's a problem with my PC?

Thanks in advance.
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    Canbe any number of things at this point but most likely the ISP seems the culprit. The usual suspects I would check first is:
    What AV are you using?
    Run Malwarebytes and make sure your clean
    Are you connected via wired or wireless connection to the router?
    How many other devices are using this?
    Have you turned off all other applications not immediately necessary? All of them basically use your internet connection to check for updates, and etc. to pull to your computer.
  2. This is true.

    I am using Malwarebytes. It detected 24 objects and removed them, but i didn't really see an improvement. I'm using a wired connection. One other pc is connected to it, but it's not on.

    I have to an extent. I've turned off apps that I know won't mess anything up.

    I just got off the phone with my ISP, it seems they bumped my speed up to 1.5 again, yet the fluctuating ping is still there. 107 a second and 500 the next. :/
  3. A) Make sure you don't have Wireless on at same time (that messes things up).
    B) If Malwarebytes picked up multiple objects run your AV (noted to skipped this, I would install AVAST! or AVG and run scans till your clean both on malware and viruses)
    C) Then get a new ISP, look into microwave shots, cellular, satellite, etc. otherwise.
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