Pc won't turn on after inside cleaning


So last week i decided to completely clean my pc. So i did, i cleaned the cpu fan and all that. I also removed my procesor to take a look (i placed it back afterwards) i also unplugged most cables to make some place. But it wouldnt turn on after everything... Did i place a cable wrong ?Or is it my procesor *? Please help :(

P.s sorry for my english.
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  1. I would assume that you didn't plug all of the cables back in where they belong. I don't know which ones without a picture. You might have to find the guide for your motherboard and read through it.
  2. I might suggest resetting your CMOS clock
  3. Broke a pin on the CPU? Dont' know how to Cable so you will not get it right? Etc? So I would say PLEASE take it to a IT Tech instead of poking at it till it works.
  4. boosted1g said:
    Does the computer try to come on or does it do absolutly nothing when you press the power on button?

    Also you may have turned the power switch on the back of the power supply if it has one?

    If it does not do anything and you have the power supply switched on then the first place I would look is your front panel power button/light connections to the motherboard. Next I would make sure your 24pin and 4 (or 8) pin cpu harness are both plugged in good.

    Are you sure that you put the cpu back in right way after you took it out, if this is not properly aligned then you may have damaged the pins on your motherboard.

    Well i managed o get my pc on by switching a few cables but it goes off like 10 seconds later.. And now that you say it i did see that 1 pin was missing on the motherboard (for the cpu) it was o the far right .. is that it ? :\
  5. boosted1g said:
    If it turns off in 10 seconds, and you can see a pin is broken and missing then yeah that would be our problem.
    If you have an amd you will need a new processor, if you have an intel then you will need a new motherboard
    (amd has the pins on the processor, intel for the last 8 years has had the pins on the motherboard)

    I see... well gotta buy a new motherboard then. But thanks for the fas reply really appreciate it :p
    Those CPU pins are delicate, us professionals don't remove our cpus unless we are have to.
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